Monday, July 20, 2009

My Research Topic

Purpose of the Study

The primary purpose of this work is to develop a model corpus using Somali language as a case study. Such a model will present a workable model for other endangered languages in an effort to preserve majority of worlds’ languages from extinction. The secondary purpose is to aid language technologists and researchers to design machine translation devices that will facilitate knowledge sharing across cultures and streamlines the process of designing and developing dictionaries, spell checkers and language learning materials. The model should also assist language researchers to systematically study and analyze languages.

Visual Map of My Research ( Please click on the image to enlarge it)

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  1. What do the colours mean? A key would be helpful, especially if this goes into your document.

    What other things are out there? How does this fit into implementation? How would a organization use this?

    What are the barriers to implementation?

    How long does this thing go? (timeline?)

    How do you measure and/or define success of language/cutlure preservation/development? What constitutes success? How do you test this (with experts?)? How do you know you're done?